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Claire Osborne, ICF Coach
Finding the time & energy to support your team & create a culture you're proud of alongside the daily challenge of delivering growth & managing stakeholders can feel like a superhuman effort
As a leader within fast-paced, rapidly changing environments, I'm all too aware of the challenges of leading a team in the digital sector.
They're already working in high pressure, highly uncertain environments. On top of that, they're now dealing with the challenges of working from home amidst a global pandemic.
You want to help, but as their leader you're stretched thin too and, in any case, you're not always in the position to be the expert, impartial support they need to reflect openly on the changes they need for their development, performance & wellbeing.
I combine my insight from 15 years in business, with my skill as an accredited coach to support employees to build the self-knowledge, clarity of direction & motivation necessary to thrive professionally & personally, delivering results in
the digital sector.

I help people live & work with clarity, purpose & passion. The icing on

the cake is the astounding results those people go on to deliver.

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